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Thoughts & Ideas Some of our thoughts on a range of subjects from rural broadband to libraries... ideas

A strategic partner

Grey Sky Consulting is founded on extensive experience in some of the UK’s most successful businesses and public sector bodies. This experience, combined with our links with a wide range of other senior independent consultants allows us to provide our clients with a wide range of expertise through a single strategic partnership.

Delivering critical success

GreySky was formed in 2005 by James Saunby based on a career in the UK IT and telecoms sector. Our main aim is to deliver business and economic growth through development of IT. Currently, this aim means we’re passionate about the development of next generation broadband projects - whether they are delivering superfast broadband to remote rural communities, or supporting small businesses in getting the maximum benefit from ultrafast networks in city centres.

Whatever the project our approach is to bring leading expertise - through our own experience and expertise, or by working with other leading experts.

See our team of expert consultants and partners...

Supporting business

One of GreySky's main focuses is in supporting small businesses to compete more effectively. Whether we are supporting large companies to develop and market products for their SME customers, working with business support agencies, or working directly with small businesses, we are committed to supporting the UK's small businesses.

Thoughts and ideas?

The nature of GreySky’s business means we get involved in things - from enterprise support to broadband delivery.  And that means we have thoughts and ideas beyond the scope of our formal projects.  These might be helpful to extend the debate on a few key topics, so we’ve set aside part of the site for simply jotting them down - feel free to get in touch about any of the ideas...


Given our background in the internet and in marketing, it’s a little embarrassing that we’ve been so slow to adopting social media.  Facebook seemed popular, so we tried it (still have an account somewhere). But people we’d never met wanted to be “our friend”.  Perhaps that is the point, but it felt a bit odd.

Twitter, though seemed completely daft, and strangely appealing. Like office gossip - only you decide who’s in your office. We’re not great at keeping a regular flow of tweets, and we don’t promise any great thoughts or wisdom, but you’re welcome anyway.