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Ten years of GreySky Consulting

GreySky was formed in 2005  to deliver business and economic growth through digital transformation.

This means we are passionate about the development and exploitation of next generation broadband technologies.

Whatever the project our approach is to bring leading expertise - through our own experience and expertise, or by working with other leading experts.

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Key Projects

Rural Broadband

BDUK / DEFRA – Rural Community Broadband Fund

GreySky supported the pilot community broadband projects in Cumbria – helping them to develop their projects and applications under the RDPE funded Rural Community Broadband Fund, and developing guidance for future applicants to the fund.  The project identified the detailed technical expertise needed to support community broadband projects and ensure they complement county-wide development plans.

Rural Community Broadband Fund – Rothbury

GreySky worked with Northumberland County Council and the Northumberland National Park Authority to develop a superfast broadband project for Rothbury and its surrounding small villages under the Rural Community Broadband Fund.  GreySky led all aspects of the project, including technical development, project planning, procurement and state aid.  The project was the first community led superfast project in the UK to be awarded state aid approval and RCBF funding.

Lincolnshire County Council – Rural Broadband Pilots

GreySky worked with Lincolnshire County Council to develop ERDF funded pilot projects to bring superfast broadband to disadvantaged rural communities.  GreySky led the delivery of the pilots, including procurement and state aid to ensure the effective practical implementation to challenging timescales to meet ERDF requirements, and to establish detailed learning for their BDUK programme.  

Community Broadband Scotland

The GreySky team have provided extensive support for the development of broadband projects in remote communities across Scotland. We have undertaken Technical Options Appraisal projects for a number of communities, and progressed projects through to successful delivery – including advice on appropriate technologies, commercial viability, State aid, procurement and contracting. Projects include:

Connecting Cheshire – Options for Last 10%

GreySky supported the Connecting Cheshire programme to develop guidance for communities in the 10% hardest to reach areas, and supported key communities in developing submissions for the Rural Community Broadband Fund.  The projects accessed significant additional funding, and extended the BT superfast delivery into more challenging rural areas in the north west of England.

Durham County Council – Superfast Broadband

The Digital Durham project aims to provide 100% superfast broadband coverage for County Durham through BDUK and similar projects.  GreySky has provided advice regarding the requirements of the BDUK State aid umbrella scheme, and supported the development of community led projects in the “Last 10%”.  Community engagement projects extended the BT superfast delivery into areas of Teesdale and Weardale – some of the more challenging areas in the rural north east of England.

Stratford on Avon District Council – Broadband Planning

Supporting the District Councils in Warwickshire in the development of the countywide BDUK Local Broadband Plan. GreySky provided detailed analysis of the current and expected future broadband rollout – establishing areas of market failure, need and demand, as well as the future impact of different technical options.

Super Connected Cities and Enterprise Zones

Newport City Council – Super Connected City

Working with AMION Consulting, GreySky provided support for Newport’s successful Super Connected City bid – establishing demand and outline business case. GreySky went on to lead the demand stimulation and promotion programme for the project delivery.

Coventry City Council – Super Connected City

GreySky supported Coventry City Council to undertake demand stimulation activities to promote and deliver their Super Connected City project, and to stimulate innovation throughout the city as a result. Key activities include effective supplier engagement to ensure infrastructure delivery.

Herefordshire Enterprise Zone

The Herefordshire Enterprise Zone was established around the existing Rotherwas Business park on the outskirts of Hereford – an area of extremely poor broadband delivery. GreySky was appointed to identify the broadband service requirements for the site, determine the most effective means of delivery, and support through to completion of delivery. The need for ultrafast broadband was established to maintain competitiveness against the developing Super Connected Cities. GreySky designed and supervised construction of the open access duct infrastructure for the site, and the development of the concession agreement for its commercial operation.

Nottingham City Council – Ultraband Research

A two-year research and support project focused on the adoption and economic impact of ERDF funded ultra-high-speed broadband services in key business centres in Nottingham. The project demonstrated the strong demand for gigabit broadband services among SME businesses, and the significant impact that the services had on business performance across a range of sectors.

Gwynedd Council – Very High Bandwidth Connectivity

The Snowdonia Enterprise Zone sites at Trawsfynydd and Llanbedr need significantly improved data connectivity capabilities to support their ambitions of supporting advanced research activities and data park operations. GreySky undertook the study to identify their outline requirements and commercial potential for provision of the connectivity.

Sunderland City Council – Broadband Procurement

Sunderland City Council’s procurement of broadband services for its internal use was identified as a significant potential impact on wider superfast broadband availability throughout the city.  GreySky supported the final procurement stages to ensure maximum impact, while complying with state aid requirements.

Digital Transformation

Norfolk County Council – Unified Communications

Norfolk County Council re-procured its unified communications and data network – moving away from a network contract in favour of a services based approach. Under-pinning the requirement was the desire to use the Council (and partners) network requirements to enhance superfast broadband availability throughout the county, and potentially use this availability to derive public sector service delivery savings (for example in education and healthcare delivery). GreySky was appointed to support the procurement – establishing the service requirement specifications and supporting the council in engaging effectively with suppliers.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council – Digital Transformation

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is developing a range of digital applications to support health and social care services throughout East Riding, and neighbouring local authority areas. GreySky is supporting the commercial development.