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About Us

Launched in 2005, GreySky specialises in business and economic growth through the use of IT. In particular, we develop and deliver projects to help communities and SMEs to access and use superfast and ultrafast broadband.

The Team

GreySky works with leading experts - meet some of the team.

Our Team

Delivering the Benefit

Achieving the benefit often this means developing new approaches to key business skills or daily activities. Understanding what makes businesses and communities actually use and benefit from our developments is critical to project success.

Broadband Delivery Rural Broadband

Hardest to Reach

Delivering broadband in rural areas is a genuine challenge - and the more remote, the harder the challenge. GreySky is actively developing projects to deliver superfast broadband to rural communities throughout the UK.

Rural Broadband

Ultrafast Cities

Keeping cities at the forefront of economic growth is another critical challenge.  Understanding how communities and businesses will react to the new Super Connected Cities is just as important as delivering the infrastructure.

Super Connected Cities

Practical Expertise

GreySky Consulting has expertise developed in the some of the world’s leading companies. Clients include government organisations and global corporations.  Our projects include major broadband initiatives as well as direct support with start-ups and SMEs.

Rural Broadband Projects

Latest News

Two of GreySky’s rural broadband projects get final approval. The first project under the RCBF, and the first wireless project to get UK State aid approval.

Rural Broadband Projects About Us

A Detailed View

GreySky is founded on extensive experience developing and bringing new products to market. Our focus on identifying and meeting user requirements shapes all aspects of the way we work.

Product Development

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